Development of Dry Vaccine Formulations Effective Against Biothreats

Medical Countermeasures ( National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is accepting proposals for the advanced development of candidate products that consist of a vaccine component in combination with a dry formulation technology to increase stability and minimize cold chain or preservative requirements.

These products will likely be used in post-event settings following the intentional release or naturally occurring outbreak of NIAID Category A, B and C Priority Pathogens.

The dry formulation technology must demonstrate enhanced stability of a vaccine compared to liquid formulation and advancement of vaccine development strategies. Examples of dry formulations may include, but are not limited to, lyophilization, spray drying, foam drying, nanoparticles, dry powders, microneedle patches and other emerging drying technologies.

Proposals with multiple candidate products using the same vaccine component will be considered, however, proposals with one candidate product are preferred. If more than one candidate product is proposed, a down-select to a single candidate product is required. 

Candidate products that include adjuvants must demonstrate enhancement of the immune response in animal models. Anticipated benefits may include production of a protective immune response with 1-2 doses of vaccine.

Simplicity and efficiency of dry formulation vaccine delivery in large numbers of patients are key considerations of this effort. Novel delivery platforms may be included as part of the proposed vaccine candidate. Cross-cutting dry formulation technologies applicable to more than one vaccine component are also of interest. 

Further details are available under Solicitation Number: BAA-NIAID-DMID-NIHAI2013174.

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