Is your site about biodefense, biosecurity, biosurveillance, or biopreparedness?

All of the above and more. We believe the technology, research, funding, and policy for existing and emerging biological threats are intertwined across these classifications and interwoven with larger CBRN and infectious disease efforts. Increasingly, funding and research emphasis is placed on cross-discipline and multi-use solutions. We have chosen to umbrella these related issues under the term Global Biodefense. Read more about our goals and focus areas here.

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What is your privacy policy for your e-newsletter subscribers?

Global Biodefense does not sell or loan its e-mail list to any third parties. You will not receive “spam” from third party groups as a result of your being a subscriber to GBD newsletters. Periodically we will send internal promotions which are relevant to our site’s focus areas and readership.  Our full privacy policy is available here.

How do I submit an event for the Global Biodefense calendar?

Contact us here to submit your event and select “Events” under Departments to Contact. There is no charge for listing on the Global Biodefense calendar. We reserve the right to publish only events that might be of interest to our readership. Please include the following information: event name, start and end date, venue, address, website and a short description.  It is helpful to include important deadlines for registration and exhibitor sign-up in your description. For further promotion of your event, please visit our Advertise page.

How can I get permission to reprint something I read on your site?

Global Biodefense grants permissions on a case by case basis. Please contact us here and indicate affiliation (federal, academic, industry); purpose (training, commercial, textbook); and scope (single use, ongoing).

Can I use Global Biodefense content on my website, blog or social networking site?

Direct links to an article on our site, and “re-tweeting” or “sharing” of a post is encouraged so long as items are appropriately attributed to Global Biodefense.  Please contact us for custom arrangements or if you have additional questions.

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Global Biodefense and Stemar Media Group create graphic design content and licenses images from a variety of sources. Send your request to us via our contact form and state specific image(s), scope, and purpose. We will respond as quickly as possible after reviewing status of the specific image(s).