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Sexual Transmission of Dengue Reported in Spain

Credit: S. Lizotte, Global Biodefense

Spanish authorities have reported the likely sexual transmission of dengue between two men. This is the first case of dengue described in an area without the presence of vector mosquitoes that has been attributed to sexual transmission, and the first sexual transmission described between men who have sex with men (MSM).

Infectious disease clinicians should be informed that sexual transmission is a potential, but apparently rare mode of transmission for dengue and that they should: 1) consider it in patients with dengue in the absence of a compatible travel history; and 2) advise all patients with dengue on the potential risks of sexual transmission, and that those risks can be mitigated through abstinence from sexual contact, or practicing safe sex using condoms, during the course of their disease. This particularly applies if their partner is pregnant to prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes related to dengue infection during pregnancy.

Read more at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

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