Biodefense Headlines – April 7, 2012

Global Biodefense Market News

See what we’re reading this week at Global Biodefense on topics like superbugs, flu mutations, biodefense preparations for the Olympics and more…

Food poisoning’s hidden legacy (Scientific American)

When superbugs attack (Foreign Affairs)

Dual-use technology tracking efforts needs better enforcement  (HSToday)

The 10 deadliest outbreaks in U.S. history revisited (Food Safety News)

London prepares for olympian disease monitoring task (Nature)

We’re letting our bioterorrism defenses down (Forbes)

State sponsorship and religious ideology don’t correlate to CBRN pursuit (Fierce HS)

Mutations behind flu spread revealed (Nature News Blog)

Is wind spreading a mysterious disease across the Pacific? (Discover)

Dengue virus turns on mosquito gene that makes them hungrier  (JHU Public Health)

Handheld plasma flashlight rids skin of pathogens (HSNW)

Army Biosurveillance Seeks Sample Collection Technology

Army Seeks Development of Bioscavenger Prophylactics for Chemical Nerve Agents