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PNNL Decontamination System for Viruses and Bacteria

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is seeking commercial partners to further develop their decontamination technology called the Micro Aerosol-based Decontamination System. The non-intrusive technology is designed for quick and effective decontamination of potentially harmful germ cells, viruses, and biological spores in enclosed spaces.

The technology consists of a Micro Aerosol Electrochemically Activated Solution (MAEAS) generated from an environmentally friendly decontaminant solution, and a unique micro-aerosol generator used for application. It is suitable for use in enclosed environments such as hospitals, clinics, food processing plants, airplanes, vehicles, as well as for exterior disinfection of other machinery. The MAEAS technology can penetrate tiny, hard to reach spaces where contaminants often go unchecked.

Such a system could be utilized for unattended cleanup of contaminated space with minimal post-cleaning waste generation, and offers advantages of simple design logistics and portability, reduced manpower and waste management cost, and improved overall decontamination and restoration cost and time.

The full details are available under Technology Transfer Number 15847 on the PNNL website.

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