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Notable Contracts: JUNO Chemical Detection System

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Contracting Office recently announced intentions to issue a sole source award to Chemring Detection Systems Inc., of Charlotte, NC for the purchase of the Juno Chemical Detection System.

“The JUNO handheld chemical detector is a uniquely suited item that is the only product that can meet the needs for quantification, detection, monitoring, identification, and alerting the user of a chemical presence in air borne vapor,” states the announcement. “The JUNO monitors the largest number of chemical warfare agents and industrial chemicals in a hand held, portable form factor.”

The JUNO utilizes proprietary technology that can detect both positively and negatively charged particles without having to stop and adjust the sensor, allowing for a single device to operate remotely. The system can be networked for remote data connection, allowing for unmanned use and also for in the field over the air programming and updating.

The contract announcement further states that Chemring’s JUNO is the only device available in the required hand-held specifications which detects all the airborne targets in accordance with Joint Service Operational Requirements.

Source: JUNO is a registered brand name of Chemring Detection Systems, Inc.

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