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NIH Seeking Proposals for Biodefense Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is soliciting small business concerns for innovative research in biomedical and biodefense applications, including detection and treatment of infectious diseases.

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program provides support for research and development (R&D) of new or improved technologies and methodologies that have the potential to succeed as commercial products. SBIR legislation requires Federal agencies to reserve 2.8 percent (for FY 2014) of their extramural research or R&D budgets for an SBIR program. The NIH SBIR set-aside requirement for FY 2014 is $663 million.

Highlighted areas of interest for funding include:

  • Development of Novel Influenza Antivirals
  • Methods of Clinical Sample Preparation for Rapid Detection of Bacterial Pathogens
  • Inhaled Delivery of Clofazimine (CFZ) – An Important Anti-tuberculosis Drug
  • Simple, Inexpensive Unit for Removing Cells from Small Amounts of Blood in Resource-Limited Settings
  • Exploring the Potential of CRISPR/CAS Genome-editing Tools
  • Assay Development for High-Throughput Screening of Chemicals of Toxicological Concern
  • Diagnostic Tools to Support the Elimination and Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Development of Nanoparticle Dengue Diagnostic Tests
  • Yeast-derived Candidate of Hepatitis E Virus Vaccine
  • Multiplex Assay for Simultaneous Detection of Hepatitis and Other Viruses
  • Improved Antibody Preparation for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Against Hepatitis A
  • Thermostable Dry Vaccine Formulation for Microneedle Administration
  • Thermostable Oral Vaccines to Combat Enteric Diseases

Further details are available under Solicitation Number: NOT-OD-14-120. The contract proposal deadline is November 5, 2014. Any small business that intends to submit an SBIR contract proposal is requested to provide early, written notice of intent per instructions in the solicitation.

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