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PNNL Biodetection Guide Downloaded By 10,000+

Biodetection App LogoThe Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recently announced that first responders have downloaded more than 10,000 copies of their guide to commercially available, hand-portable biodetection technologies.

The guide was created as a tool to help responders determine what they might be up against in the field. The technology summaries contained in report provide web links, equipment specifications, pricing, and annotated references from peer-reviewed publications for about 30 detection technologies and 25 sampling products from nearly two dozen companies.

Since many first responders do not always have immediate access to a computer, a mobile version of called “Biodetection Guide for First Responders” is now available for cell phones and tablets via iTunes.

Biodetection Mobile App for First Responders
Screenshots from PNNL’s mobile app for the biodetection guide.

The Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory created the updated Biodetection Technologies for First Responders: 2014 product guide for the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate to help response organizations make informed decisions when procuring the right technology for their particular needs and circumstances.

“The new app will provide easier access to the updated report which is a valuable product-buying guide for first responders and purchasing specialists,” said Cindy Bruckner-Lea, PNNL principal investigator. “With dozens of companies, technologies and sampling products listed, the guide provides a convenient and useful resource to fire fighters, law enforcement and hazardous materials response teams.”

Access the guide at PNNL: Biodetection Technologies for First Responders 2014.

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