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BARDA Seeks 3D Visualization Hub for Emergency Response

Biodefense & Biosurveillance Digital Tools

The Division of Analytic Decision Support (ADS) within the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) provides real-time epidemiology analysis, analytics, and advanced visualization to support public health emergencies and planning activities.

BARDA ADS has identified the need for a visualization capability that will enable developers to engage with officials within an immersive visualization environment to review models, explore scenarios, and conduct “What If?” analysis.

In 2013, the ADS began conducting extensive market research including site visits to visualization centers to identify the commercially available systems that meet HHS, ASPR, & BARDA’s requirements.

From the market research, it was determined that the utilization of an immersive, multi-person 3-dimensional stereographic virtual reality (VR) visualization environment to visualize and augment the results of operational data and medical and public health consequence models and infectious disease forecasts would fulfill mission requirements.

The BARDA Viz Hub must be a turnkey solution for immersive 3-dimensional visualization within a virtual reality environment that multiple people can simultaneously stand inside.

The system shall be a metal frame on which multiple 3D stereographic televisions are mounted on the inside, making up a round room with a minimum of 300 degree panoramic viewing. Each screen would need to be connected to a computer with a video card, which requires mounting on the outside of the frame. Additional computer peripherals are needed including stereo speakers and motion tracking devices, 3D glasses, a controller, and computers to handle the development of content and processing. Additionally, software is required to serve as the operating system for the visualization unit to allow users to load and display interactive visualizations.

The BARDA Viz Hub will be part of a new HHS Innovation Lab that is currently being developed by ASPR, BARDA, the HHS Chief Technology Office and other HHS stakeholders.

For the Viz Hub to be flexible and nimble to meet the requirements of the U.S.Continuity of Operations (COOP) initiative, the Viz Hub needs to be an integrated, standalone unit that can be transported and reassembled with minimal modifications at alternate locations, assuming adequate space, power, and cooling, if necessary.

The government is accepting proposals for this system until April 9, 2015. Further details are available via Solicitation Number: 15-100-SOL-00008.

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