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HJF Awarded NMRC Bridge Contract During Award Protest

NMRC Researcher Creating Ebola Reagents
After a large batch of Ebola specific PCR master mix is produced, the mix is aliquoted into individual tubes (NMRC)
NMRC Researcher Creating Ebola Reagents

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) of Rockville, Maryland has been awarded a bridge contract by the U.S. Navy. The contract provides interim support for vital infectious disease research at Naval Medical Research Center- Frederick (NMRC-F).

The bridge contract is valued at $554,018.00. HJF is the award holder under the legacy task order W911QY-11-D-0053-0006. This requirement supports biological research for the rapid detection of infectious diseases of global importance (to include Ebola) during a stop work order resulting from a post award protest.

The period of performance is March 3, 2015 to Sept. 3, 2015 if all options are exercised. The stop work order on contract N62645-15-C-4001 ends on 31 May 2015. If additional time for corrective action is required, the stop work order may be extended.

Contract N62645-15-C-4001 was awarded through full and open competition to The Geneva Foundation on Nov. 4, 2014 for Research Support Services in support of NMRC-F.  HJF is the incumbent award holder on the legacy task order and submitted a proposal under the solicitation that resulted in the award of N62645-15-C-4001. HJF submitted a post award protest to the GAO on 17 November 2014. A stop work order was issued to The Geneva Foundation on 19 November 2014.

In order to prevent a break in vital services, bridge contract N62645-15-C-4004 was awarded to HJF on an urgent and compelling basis.

The contract services support on-going biological research for the rapid detection of infectious diseases including staff positioned overseas in disease hot spots; support for Cooperative Biological Engagement Program projects; field training for international mobile response units; and provision of expert guidance to integrated project teams for matters of laboratory, surveillance and response training, operations and procedures.


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