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Biodefense Headlines of the Week – October 18, 2015

Biodefense and Biosecurity NewsSee what we’re reading this week at Global Biodefense on topics including mobile laboratories for outbreak response, POC molecular diagnostics, MERS-CoV serological assays and more…

Mobile laboratories for Ebola and other pathogens (The Lancet)

APHL joins partners in Sierra Leone to strengthen lab capacity in Ebola’s wake (APHL)

More than 400 dead in southeast Congo measles outbreak: U.N. (Reuters)

The next frontier in disease modeling (The Scientist)

So it turns out there’s a lot we don’t know about Ebola (NPR)

The Interactome: Mapping protein interactions (NIH)

Fears grow over increased antibiotic resistance (BBC News)

Arrival of a true point-of-care molecular assay—ready for global implementation? (The Lancet)

Health security summer reading (Bifurcated Needle)

Comparison of Serological Assays in Human MERS-CoV Infection (Eurosurveillance)

Chip-based technology enables reliable direct detection of Ebola virus (UC Santa Cruz)

Merial marks 25 years of rabies vaccination in U.S. wildlife (Sanofi)

Bacterium that causes Q fever linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (MNT)

Strengthening networks, filling gaps for systems to manage mass animal mortalities (IIAD)

Ebola drug killed by congressional inaction less than two years before outbreak (nova)

Study indicates Ebola may persist in semen for months (CIDRAP)

Why don’t viruses get more respect? (Food Safety News)

Schools are underprepared for pandemics and natural disasters (MNT)

As world seeks to eradicate polio, Laos suffers vaccine-linked case (Reuters)

Why hasn’t the US eradicated the plague? (BBC News)

HHS sponsors innovative approaches to improve influenza vaccines (HHS)

Explaining American biodefense (Tracking Zebra)

Concerns for HCW slowed response in pediatric patients with suspected Ebola (Healio)

Antibiotic resistance? Sorry, not my problem (The Conversation)

ECBC at the forefront of advanced toxicological research (ECBC)

Four synthetic biology inventions that flummox the feds (Science)

New technique illuminates small-molecule screening (C&EN)

Enterovirus D68 not associated with higher death rate in children (MNT)

CIDR-GSK Partnership Spotlights Antifolates for TB Drug Discovery

MERS Coronavirus in Camels

Kenya: MERS Virus Widespread in Camels