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Public Health Training for Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

Public Health EmergencyThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s International Emergency Refugee Health Branch (IERHB) has announced the availability of grant funding to support a center for training public health professionals to respond to complex humanitarian emergencies.

A complex humanitarian emergency (CHE) is a crisis in a country, region or society, often associated with a natural, man-made, or biological disaster in which there is a breakdown of authority and which requires an international response that goes beyond the capacity of any single agency.

Working in a CHE is challenging and requires a broad knowledge base and a skill set particular to crisis management that includes:

  • Establishing the public health priorities during an emergency
  • Providing the best possible evidence to inform decision makers
  • Advocating for the affected population to ensure their needs are met
  • Working in resource poor setting while developing solutions quickly and effectively

This funding effort supports development of a certificate program for public health graduate students in the US; development of a US based fellowship program for international candidates; and establishment of a program to support international summer practicum experiences for graduate students in a US-based global health program.

Further details are available via Funding Opportunity Announcement CDC-RFA-GH13-1370. The response deadline is Mar 25, 2016.

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