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RFI – Defense Biological Product Assurance Office Critical Reagents

DoD Critical Reagents Program DBPAO RFI

DoD Critical Reagents Program DBPAO RFIThe Defense Biological Product Assurance Office (DBPAO), previously known as the Critical Reagents Program (CRP), is conducting market research on capabilities of commercial partners to provide reagent services for select biological threat agents.

DBPAO is part of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD), whose mission is to develops medical and physical countermeasures to protect the warfighter from chemicals and biological threats.

The DBPAO’s mission is to employ best practices in providing the Department of Defense and its partners with a comprehensive collection of biological products that are thoroughly characterized, of the highest quality, adaptable, and traceable from source to application. Access to valid test materials, including potentially harmful biological materials known as Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT), is required to perform these activities.

The following capabilities are sought to support DBPAO’s mission:

  • Capability to produce, manufacture or provide inactive viral and bacterial antigens of interest
  • Capability to conduct stability testing that captures reagent shelf life
  • Quality assurances/controls (QA/QC) programs in place that meet the accreditation to the most appropriate international standards
  • QA/QC procedures in place that ensure critical reagents are shipped of verified quality, concentration and activity
  • Characterization procedures for viral and bacterial antigenic material in place
  • Understanding of Army Directive 2016-024 DoD Biological Select Agent and Toxins Biosafety Program
  • Knowledge of Army Biological Personnel Reliability Program
  • Experience with and/or possession of safer alternatives to substitute BSAT, BSAT Derivatives, and BSAT-exempt materials

Capability statements must contain information on Biosafety Level capabilities from BSL 1-4.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: W911QY-17-S-0006. The RFI response deadline is January 20, 2017.

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