Universal Mobile Tester for Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS)

Joint Biological Point Detection SystemThe U.S. Army is conducting market research to determine the feasibility of a competitive acquisition and to identify potential sources that can provide a Universal Mobile Tester (UMT) for the military’s Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS).

Military units equipped with the JBPDS provide early warning and identification of aerosolized biological warfare agents to support decisions to initiate medical treatment for the biological agents.

The next generation UMT System includes a test system housed in a ruggedized transit case, accessory case for Interface Test Adapters (ITAs), test assemblies, and cable storage.

ITA kits including test assemblies and cables for the following JBPDS Units Under Test (UUTs):

  • JBPDS Computer Assembly (JCA) ITA
  • Fluid Transport System (FTS), Identifier, Collector (FIC) ITA
  • Self-Test/Calibration ITA
  • BAWS power & communication cables

Interested parties who have the capability to perform the above effort are requested to submit capability statements.

Additional requirements are detailed via FBO.gov Solicitation Number: W912CN-18-Q-DD02.

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