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DHS Seeks BioWatch Sample Laboratory Information Management System

Biowatch Laboratory Response Network

The Department of Homeland Security Office of Procurement Operations is conducting market research on technologies that can provide a comprehensive, cost effective solution to BioWatch’s current laboratory information management system.

This desired sample tracking platform will provide the capability to support the laboratories in the BioWatch network to track individual samples, track the reagents associated with the analysis of the sample, trace the data obtained, input this information into a comprehensive database, and report results in a verifiable manner.

The BioWatch Sample Laboratory Information Management System (BW-SLIMS) must be able to accept direct and mediated data from other sample and laboratory information management systems and also be able to send data to such systems. The ultimate goal of the BW-SLIMS is to collect, compile, transmit, and allow queries of sample information from throughout the BioWatch user community.

A laboratory sample information management system will record sample handling activities, promote data entry time efficiencies, minimize data entry errors and strengthen traceability, thus improving BioWatch capabilities and results confidence.

A successful candidate system will:

  • Be fully compatible with multiple, modern computing devices, from smart phones to tablets to traditional laptop and desktop computers
  • Be implementable at numerous facilities across the country with differing IT systems requirements, policies and restrictions
  • Preferably run on widely used commercial off the shelf hardware and software
  • Ensure ability to implement upgrades to commercial systems/platforms (i.e., computers and operating systems)
  • Have compatibility (including backwards) with predecessor and other program data information management systems
  • Be able to withstand normal laboratory decontamination procedures with solutions such as bleach and alcohol when used in Biosafety Level 2 (BSL)-2, BSL-3 laboratories
  • Establish and maintain traceability on the sample from time of accession to completion of analysis, data reporting, archival, and eventual disposition
  • Allow for secondary review and ability to update/modify the records (including person, date, and time stamps) at any point to ensure results confidence and technical defensibility; the system must also be able to document/record supervisory and/or secondary data reviews and any modifications/updates made to the record
  • Be accredited to run on government information systems per Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), be government agency whitelist preferred, or have the ability to obtain said accreditation

Responses to this RFI will assist DHS in understanding the number and nature of available solutions. Current demonstrated ability to meet all desired capabilities is not necessary. The submission deadline is Dec 21, 2018 2:00 pm Eastern.

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