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NIST Rapid Microbial Testing Methods Consortium Workshop

April 11 - April 12

Virtual Event Virtual Event

The NIST-led Rapid Microbial Testing Methods (RMTM) Consortium is hosting the 4th annual workshop 11-12 April 2024 to update the community on RMTM Consortium efforts and to work on Consortium deliverables.

Over the course of two days, independent working sessions will be hosted, with Day 1 open to the public and Day 2 for Consortium members only.

This open, virtual workshop is free of charge. All interested parties are invited to Day 1, including advanced therapy producers, rapid microbial testing assay/instrument developers, and cell reference material producers.

New members are being accepted into the Consortium.

Please visit NIST’s 2024 NIST Rapid Microbial Testing Methods Consortium Workshop website for more information.


The NIST Rapid Microbial Testing Methods (RMTM) Consortium addresses the need for measurements and standards, including reference materials, to increase confidence in the use of rapid testing for microbial contaminants in regenerative medicine and advanced therapy products.

The safety and quality of advanced therapies, including cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue engineered products, must be maintained prior to patient administration. The culture-based compendial methods currently used to assess product purity (specifically to ensure absence of microbial contamination) typically take weeks, which is inadequate for patients in urgent need of life-saving therapies. These methods are also incompatible with products that have a limited shelf-life and cannot meet good manufacturing practices required in process control and release testing. Alternative rapid microbial testing methods are needed to ensure fit for purpose safety assessments for this broad class of advanced therapeutics.

The NIST RMTM Consortium brings together experts across the regenerative medicine field including stakeholders in industry, academia and government to address this need.


National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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