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Naval Research Lab BioMolecular Science BAA

The Center for Bio-Molecular Science and Engineering of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has added a topic to existing NRL Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) BAA-N00173-02  to support their mission of multidisciplinary research in biotechnology to fabricate biosensors, biomaterials, and advanced systems.

NRL is inviting White Papers for applied and basic research in the following focus areas:

Biophysical chemistry of membranes, proteins, DNA, and RNA
Research into biosensors including: construction of novel devices; accessories for automated reagent delivery; and production of biomolecular recognition elements or configuration of bioassays for integration into a sensor.  Targets of detection include explosives, pollutants, pathogens, toxic agents, and hazardous chemicals
Synthesis, fabrication, and physical characterization of self assembled thin films and surfaces for material development
Systems biology, synthetic biology, genomic and proteomic analyses of microorganisms
Synthesis, fabrication, and physical characterization of self assembled thin films and surfaces for material development 
Microwave devices, ultramicroelectrodes and electron emitters based on metallized composites. Microwave materials based on nanodimension powders and metallized composites 
Self-assembly of microstructures for advanced materials and the assessment of potential applications including: controlled release, advanced composites for electronic, structural, and thermal applications, and environmental applications
Fabrication and integration of microfluidic components for sample processing and analysis 
Design, development, and characterization of multifunctional, multilayered assemblies for advanced applications in the areas of environmental protection and general purpose detection, and in the development of non-conventional bioreactors for performing multistep chemistries in single operation 
Development of novel lithographic, patterning for fabrication or advanced biosensors processes for high resolution imaging, fabrication of advanced microelectronic or nanoelectronic devices, displays, biosensors, multilayers, or three dimensionally structured materials 
Advanced materials using liquid crystals and ordered polymers, relation between molecular structure and material properties, assessment of their properties for potential applications in the areas of real time holography, ferroelectric phenomena, high resolution display, pryoelectric sensors, and piezoelectric materials, electro-optic materials, non-linear optics, and optical wave guiding 
Bio-based energy harvesting and production for marine, underwater, and naval applications 
Development of bioprotocols and subsequent bioinformatic analysis of DNA chip arrays.

Full details are available under BAA-N00173-02 and at the NRL BAA Website. The currently listed response deadline is June 16, 2012.

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