Environmental Response Laboratory Network RFQ

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) with vendors capable of analyzing environmental sample matrices contaminated by chemical warfare agents, biological agents, toxic industrial chemicals and radiochemical agents as a result of acts of terrorism or an environmental emergency.

The BOAs are in support of the Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN), whose mission is to provide laboratory capabilities in response to environmental emergencies including preparedness, response, remediation and recovery analytical support.

A BOA is a written instrument of understanding, negotiated between an agency and the contractor to predefine terms, clauses, and pricing for future contracts or orders between the parties during a specific time period.  A BOA does not imply any guarantee by the government to place future orders with the contractor but aligns all the details should the agency require rapid fulfillment of a product or service.

Full details for the Request for Quote are available under Solicitation Number: RFQ-DC-09-00337. The EPA has extended the submission deadline to June 1, 2012.

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