Biodefense Headlines – April 2, 2012

Global Biodefense Weekly News Scan

Influenza NewsSee what we’re reading this week at Global Biodefense on topics like H5N1 Surveillance, DHS Funding for Biosurveillance, Synthetic Biology Fears, and E. coli Vaccines.

Does Foodborne Illness Trigger Lifeling Health Problems? (Wired)

H5N1 surveillance: Shift expertise to where it matters (Nature)

DHS Chief Medical Officer defends biological threat surveillance programs (HSToday)

FDA seeks to stop CA fish producer, cites botulism risk (Food Safety News)

Antiviral drugs could blast the common cold—Should we use them? (Wired)

Studies confirm H1N1 vaccine-narcolepsy link in Finnish kids (CIDRAP)

Fear and loathing in synthetic biology reminiscent of other biotechnologies (GenEng News)

CBRN funding: Going backwards is not smart – Major General Steve Reeve (DomPrep)

Cattle vaccine for E. coli needs boost from governemnts (CTV News)

Public health: More than half of all cancers preventable (HSNW)

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