Biodefense Headlines – April 29, 2012

Global Biodefense Headlines of the Week

See what we’re reading this week at Global Biodefense on topics like sapovirus, gene silencer proteins, the H5N1 data controversy and more…

The world’s deadliest bioterroist  (The Economist)

Sapovirus: an important cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks  (Clinician’s Biosecurity News)

Killer whales facing an airborne threat from pathogens  (SeattleTimes)

Scripps researchers find structure of a key gene silencer protein  (Scripps)

US Navy upgrade ships’ bio, chem detectors  (NTI GSN)

Luminex expands life science and biodefense group  (PR Newswire)

Never again? Obama’s risky plan for preventing global atrocities  (The Atlantic)

NIH endorses recommendation to publish flu studies (CIDRAP)

Senate Committee Seeks 22M Boost for FDA (Food Safety News)

US Army Contracts for Infectious Disease Research in Thailand

Air Force Hosts EU Military Medical Health Symposium