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Emergency Response Technology Partnerships Program at Sandia National Lab

Sandia National Laboratories wishes to provide notice of its active Technology Partnerships Program. Sandia’s mission through science and technology, people, infrastructure, and partnerships, is to address national needs in five key areas: Nuclear Weapons, Energy and Infrastructure Assurance, Nonproliferation, Defense Systems and Assessments and Homeland Security. 

Sandia has many collaborations with industry, small business, universities and government agencies on emerging technologies that directly support their mission. Additionally, Sandia works closely with industry to bring Sandia technologies to the marketplace. Interested parties may enter into various partnerships agreement types under Sandia’s Technology Partnerships Program, per the requirements of Sandia’s Management and Operating Contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sandia partners eligible to enter into an Umbrella Cooperative Research Agreement (CRADA) with Sandia can establish an Emergency Response Project Task Statement and funding allocation that allows Sandia to render immediate assistance upon request. In this streamlined scenario Sandia can respond within two hours for an extremely urgent situation, or within two days, for an urgent situation. 

More information on Sandia’s unique capabilities may be obtained by visiting the Sandia National Laboratory website.


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