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CDC Contract to Texas A&M for Aflatoxin Research

Aflatoxin Research - Colony of FungusThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention intends to award a sole source, firm fixed price contract to Texas A&M. University researchers will process and analyze urine samples to measure aflatoxin ML and urine creatinine and provide assistance is disseminating study findings in Kenya.

Texas A&M has previously assessed the safety, palatability and efficacy of ACS100 clay limit of the absorption of fungal toxins from contaminated food in Africa and has supervised five human intervention trials of ACS100 clay in North America and Africa; and has performed mitigation of dietary and environmental risk factors for disease using absorbent clays in vulnerable populations of North America and Africa.

Texas A&M is the only provider of clay produced that has been extensively tested in Africa to reduce aflatoxin exposure without effecting micronutrient levels, according to the announcement.


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