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RFP – Research, Monitoring and Outcomes for Vaccine Safety

Dual Purpose Vaccine for Ebola and Rabies

The National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) has launched a pilot cooperative agreement grant program to partner with organizations to conduct research that will strengthen the current U.S. vaccine safety enterprise.

The program’s objective is to conduct research in safety profile of new vaccines during the early development stage, developing or modifying existing vaccines to improve their safety, and conducting applied research that will have a direct impact on the current vaccine safety monitoring system.

NVPO is particularly interested in projects related to researching, establishing or testing the vaccine safety profile of vaccines that are currently recommended for or are expected to be routinely administered to pregnant women and/or newborns.

This pilot program encourages collaborative efforts with experts across fields to maximize the results and impact of the research project. NVPO scientific staff will have substantial programmatic involvement, providing guidance and support in the design and development of research projects.

The NVPO states it intends to select and award two cooperative agreements of $250,000 each via this opportunity.

Further details are available via announcement NV-VSR-15-001. Current Closing Date for Applications: April 15, 2015.

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