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RFI – Handheld Biodetection Systems for Marine Corps

Marine Corps HHA for BWA - Biological Warfare Agents

The U.S. Marine Corps has issued an official request for information (RFI) for Biological Warfare Agent Hand Held Assay (HHA) systems.

Respondents are encouraged to furnish information papers describing their product’s capability to meet specified requirements outlined in the RFI.

Desired characteristics include:

  • System generally composed of tickets, buffer solutions, and reader or display
  • Detection and identification, with limited false negative, of high antigen concentrations
  • Time to result within 15 minutes
  • Two year minimum shelf life when stored at room temperature
  • Operable by one person wearing standard CBRN Personal Protective Equipment
  • Reader should be visual, preferably with audible alarm
  • Reader should be able clearly identify a positive or negative result
  • System weight of 5 lbs. or less including the battery and all consumables

USMC, through the Marine Corps System Command, anticipates awarding a contract for 480 combat HHA systems and 450 trainer HHA systems. The acquisition is planned for completion prior to the end of the 2015 federal fiscal year.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: M6785415I1014. The RFI response deadline is February 11, 2015.

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