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Development of Chemical Warfare Agent Detector Paper

Dstl Enhanced Detector Paper Call

Dstl Enhanced Detector Paper CallThe UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) this week announced intentions to fund a single PhD studentship to develop enhanced paper detectors for chemical warfare agents.

Specifically sought are ‘paper-like’ systems that can visually disclose the presence of deposited liquid chemical warfare agents (CWAs) including G- and V-series nerve agents and sulfur mustard.

Researchers with expertise in some or all of the following areas are sought:

  • Chemical-stimuli responsive materials (polymers, microcapsules, nanoparticles, etc.)
  • Incorporation of responsive components into bulk materials such as polymers or paper
  • Development of chemical-responsive systems comprised of more than one responsive component
  • Mass transport behavior of liquid in bulk materials

Highly innovative approaches which are significantly different from existing technologies commercially available technologies are sought.

Methods that rely on auxiliary IT equipment/optical readers or swabbing and subsequent down-stream laboratory analysis are excluded from this opportunity.

Initial applications are due October 3, 2016. Those invited to submit full proposals will be notified by October 17, 2016.

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