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Motif Biosciences Unveil Novel Solutions for the Treatment Deadly Superbugs

MRSA Infection Can Cause Sepsis and Death
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) causes a range of illnesses, from skin and wound infections to pneumonia and bloodstream infections that can cause sepsis and death. Melissa Brower/CDC

SMi Group will welcome the expertise of David Huang when he presents exclusive updates on Iclaprim, a novel diaminopyrimidine, for the treatment of serious gram- positive infections, at Superbugs & Superdrugs USA this fall. The talk will explore how Iclaprim addresses an unmet medical need in hospitalized patients with serious and life-threatening infections including MRSA.

With over 15 years of clinical, academic, industry, and research experience in medicine and in the subspecialty of infectious diseases, David Huang is Chief Medical Officer at Motif Biosciences, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which specializes in developing novel antibiotics.

He is currently serving as an adjunct Assistant Professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and is well versed in the design, execution and close out of Phase I – III clinical trials for both antibacterial and antiviral agents. His research interests include bacteriology and virology, especially the epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment of multidrug resistant organisms.

In the run-up to his presentation, SMi Group caught up with David to discuss current industry developments and his upcoming address this November.

From the answers provided, it is apparent that a lack of funding and strict regulatory requirements is still a common pitfall in the fight against AMR.

“I think industry incentives are very important and the biggest challenges (1) adequate government and non-government funding for the entire research and development of antibiotics; (2) strict and long regulatory requirements and timelines for developing and receiving approval for antibiotics for treatment of serious and life threatening infections; (3) awareness and education of the importance of addressing the prevention of selective pressure and in adequate use of antibiotics (animals feeds, improper use by healthcare providers, and use in developing countries without the need of prescriptions, and others); (4) reimbursements for antibiotics; (5) better and faster rapid diagnostics for all types of infections; and (6) increasing the prestige and compensation for microbiologists and infectious diseases care providers.” David Huang, Chief Medical Officer at Motif Biosciences.

The full interview in available to read in the event download center:

Other notable speakers on the agenda will include representatives from: Janssen, BARDA, CARB-X, Pfizer, MedImmune, Visterra, Contrafect, Centauri Therapeutics, UNT Health Science Center , Microbiotix and Merck.

A detailed program and full speaker line-up is available at

Superbugs & Superdrugs USA will take place on 13th & 14th November at the Renaissance Woodbrigde Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey. Sponsored by Merck and Soligenix.

Global Biodefense is an official media partner of Superbugs & Superdrugs USA.

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