NIH Clinical Center Seeks Decontamination Services for Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Environmental Decontamination in Medical SettingsThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center Hospital Epidemiology Service (HES) is seeking vendor quotes for decontamination services of rooms and equipment that may be contaminated with multidrug-resistant bacteria.

The HES has identified infection or colonization with multidrug-resistant bacteria that have the potential to spread within the Clinical Center. Highly trained Room Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS) engineers and all of the necessary consumables will be required.

Other vendor requirements include:

  • Provide EPA- approved Hydrogen Peroxide Sterillant, floor sealant tape, biological indicators and growth media for the biological indicators.
  • Provide biological indicators: Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores supplied in TYVEK pouched bags used to confirm efficacy of the bio-decontamination.
  • Equipment inside target decontamination area(s) that require separate internal bio-decontamination such as safety cabinets, incubators, freezers, refrigerators, or animal racks AHUs should be reviewed prior to bio-decontamination work is carried out.
  • Vendor will use hydrogen peroxide vapor to bio-deactive microorganisms such as bacteria, viral particle, and fungi.

A minimum of three years’ experience providing decontamination services in the patient care areas of academic medical centers is desired. Experience with decontamination following presence of highly infectious pathogens (e.g., Ebola virus) is preferred.

The Period of Performance is one base year plus four option years. Additional details are available via Solicitation Number: 18-001346

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