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DCN Diagnostics and E25Bio Partner on Point-of-Care Diagnostics

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DCN Dx, a developer and manufacturer of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, and E25Bio, an MIT-spinoff diagnostics company from the Gehrke Lab at IMES, have announced a partnership for the design, development and manufacture of an innovative new infectious disease testing technology.

This new technology is a rapid, low-cost, highly-specific and sensitive method for onsite detection and global epidemiological analysis of dengue, Chikungunya and Zika viruses in one device.

DCN will develop the technology into a highly-functional and accessible multiplexed product that can be deployed for in-field use around the world. E25Bio’s mission is to prevent severe downstream health outcomes through affordable and early detection. The organization is currently funded by The Engine.

“With 3.8 billion people in endemic areas and 128 countries affected by mosquito-borne viruses, swift diagnostics are crucial for patient treatment and the management of epidemics. The low cost of E25Bio’s RDT technology makes the point-of-care test more accessible to communities worldwide.”

– Irene Bosch, PhD, E25Bio’s CEO & Founder

Mobile and rapid diagnostics can facilitate real-time reporting, providing large datasets to guide the response to disease outbreaks.

E25Bio is an enterprise for innovation in the field of emerging disease diagnostics founded by Dr. Irene Bosch and MIT Professor Lee Gehrke.

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