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Darknet Biological and Chemical Terrorism Activities: Guide for Law Enforcement

New manual for law enforcement. Credit: INTERPOL

INTERPOL has released a new manual to assist law enforcement in detecting potential criminal activity related to the access and trade of weaponizable biological and chemical materials using the Darknet.

The ‘INTERPOL Operational Manual on Investigating Biological and Chemical Terrorism on the Darknet’ was developed by a team of experts within the CBRNE and cyber communities.

With the increasing use of the Darknet for criminal activities, the danger of acquiring, transferring, or smuggling biological or chemical material, weapons and chem/bio terrorism-related information while remaining undetected becomes ever more pressing.

Officers working in the fields of intelligence, counter-terrorism investigation and cybercrime are able to use this manual as a reference document that outlines the basic concepts, best international practices, as well as techniques and procedures useful for both investigators and analysts when conducting Darknet investigations associated with the acquisition of biological and chemical agents.

The manual has been produced for law enforcement use only. Please contact your National Central Bureau for more information if you are a law enforcement officer interested in obtaining a copy.

Adapted from: INTERPOL

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