DHS RFI – CWMD Common Viewer Interface for CBP Personnel

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Office has a mission to improve the Nation’s capability to deter, detect, and report unauthorized attempts to import, possess, store, develop, or transport radiological/nuclear material for the use against the United States.

The CWMD office is conducting market research to identify current industry capabilities to develop a Common Viewer platform. Common Viewer is intended to provide a single user interface for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel to access and control various systems (e.g., radiation detection equipment (RDE), non-intrusive inspection (NII) systems, traffic control systems) simultaneously.

The envisioned system would allow both CBP officers “on the ground” and staff at the National Targeting Center and CBP remote operations / analysis centers to check realtime radiographic, spectrographic, optical, and x-ray imaging data against traveler, cargo, and conveyance information for comparison against law enforcement, intelligence, and other enforcement data.

CWMD Common Viewer Network.

Common Viewer will therefore assist CBP officers to detect, identify, and/or localize radiological/nuclear threats (including material and other components) that may be smuggled via both containerized and non-containerized cargo at points of entry (POEs).

This Request for Information (RFI) will lead to a material solution acquisition/Request for Proposal in approximately 1-2 months. The information provided in response to this RFI will be used to assess market capabilities; discover alternate or improved technologies or concepts; determine the technical maturity and commercial availability of potential solutions; and support future planning efforts to strengthen the vast Border Protection architecture with next-generation technologies.

CWMD office is seeking technological solutions to develop the Common Viewer platform and hold a user demonstration of a prototype solution at one Port of Entry (POE) by the end of September 2018. System designs are expected to be non-developmental items (i.e., Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or modified COTS), but must be deployable and testable in an operational environment (i.e. Calexico, Laredo) by the end of September 2018.

Additional details are available via Notice ID: RDPA_18_0045. The response deadline is April 24, 2018.

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