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Biodefense Yersinia pestis

Plague Alters Cell Death to Kill Host

Northwestern Medicine scientists are continuing to unravel the molecular changes that underlie one of the world's most infamous and deadliest respiratory infections, pneumonic plague. When the bacterium Yersinia pestis enters the lungs, it … [Read More...]

Influenza Antiviral Drug

Stockpiling Tamiflu a Waste of Money?

An international team of researchers has found that Tamiflu, the popular influenza antiviral, can shorten symptoms of influenza by half a day, but does not reduce hospital admissions or complications of infection. The study, published last … [Read More...]

PNNL Biodetection Guide for First Responders

Biodetection Technology Guide 2014 Available

A 2014 update to a detailed product guide listing biodetection technologies and sampling products is now available. The updated digest provides a comprehensive compilation of commercially available detection devices and products published … [Read More...]