Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria

Global Infection Outbreaks on the Rise

Enterovirus. Tuberculosis. Cholera. Measles. Various strains of the flu and hepatitis. The number of infectious disease outbreaks and the number of unique illnesses causing them appear to be increasing around the globe, … [Read More]

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Battelle Wins CBRNE Contract from CENTCOM

Experts from Battelle will now provide on-site support at U.S. Central Command (CENTOM) headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fl., helping in their critical mission to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction and to mitigate Chemical, … [Read More]

TB - Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Shorter TB Treatment Not A Successful Alternative

A clinical drug trial conducted in five Sub-Sahara African countries shows that a shortened (four month) treatment for tuberculosis (TB) is well tolerated and may work well in subsets of TB patients, but overall could not be considered as … [Read More]

Ebola Response Workers in PPE

Rules of the Road for Ebola Crisis Volunteers

A recent article published by the Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal (DMPHP) outlines considerations for humanitarian volunteers thinking about deploying to Ebola-stricken areas. Written by a consortium of … [Read More]

NMRC Researcher Creating Ebola Reagents

NMRC Provides Ebola Assays for W. Africa

The Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) has been supporting DoD’s interagency efforts since the early months of the Ebola outbreak, which began in December 2013, when initial cases were reported in Guinea and later spread to Sierra Leone … [Read More]