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US Senate Seeks CBRNE Equipment and Support

The U.S. Senate Office of Continuity and Emergency Preparedness (CEPO) is seeking sources for emergency preparedness equipment and support for distribution throughout the Senate.

The current Senate emergency portfolio includes: ILC Dover Scape CBRN30 escape hoods, Baby Scape CBRN30 escape hoods, PB&R Essex Victim Rescue Unit Plus smoke hoods, Motorola Wireless Emergency Annunciators- Model V, Emergency Supply Kits, Shelter in Place kits, and ALERTUS beacons.

Eligible companies must be located within eighty miles driving distance of the Capitol building, be able to provide trained logistic and technical staff on-site and be able to provide emergency support during a declared crisis. The full details are available at Federal Business Opportunities here. The deadline for companies to submit their information is 12 March, 2012.

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