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Advanced Nuclear Detector Development BAA Awards

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) this week announced research and development awards under the ‘Advanced Detector Development and Nuclear Forensics Research and Development’ Programs.

The funding effort is on behalf of DTRA’s Nuclear Detection Technology Division which oversees the development of new radiological/nuclear detection technologies in support of the DoD mission of detecting, identifying, and eliminating threats from radiological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

The apparent successful offerors are:

AOSense, Inc. $3,209,543 Atom Gravity Gradiometer for Shielded SNM Detection
Asynchrony Solutions, Inc. $5,249,113 Non-Rad SNM Operational Solutions Using MFK-CBRN
DOE – Oak Ridge National Lab $714,000 Passive Detection, Location, Identification, and Characterization of Nuclear Material
GE Global Research $2,996,610 CZT RIID
 H3D, Inc. $2,312,812 Handheld CdZnTe Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometers
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $599,532 Radiological Search Mission Design Tool
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $411,591 Neutron Time-Correlation Test and Measurement Campaign
Lawrence Livermore National Lab $1,075,000  Real-Time Characterization of SNM
Lawrence Livermore National Lab $1,400,000 Boron-loaded Plastic Scintillators with Efficient Pulse Shape Discrimination
Lawrence Livermore National Lab $990,000 Autonomous nuclear threat detection multi-sensor analysis
Northrup Grumman ES, Xetron Business Unit $4,500,681 Passive Detection, Location, Identification and Characterization of Nuclear Material
Northrup Grumman Systems Corp. $4,259,244 Gamma Ray Imager and Locator
Northrup Grumman Systems Corp. $5,110,673 High Resolution Focal Plane for Passive Gamma Ray Imaging
Nucsafe, Inc. $649,654 High Performance, Low Cost Neutron Detectors Based on 6Li Glass Microspheres
Pacific Northwest National Lab $750,000 Low Profile Wearable Sensor with Leave-Behind Capability
Pacific Northwest National Lab $850,000 Improved SNM Detection in Low-count searches
Pacific Northwest National Lab $2,475,000 Proxy Signature Development and Validation for Nuclear Loss of Custody
RadMet LLC $950,207 A Low-Power, Low-Cost Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Long Dwell Measurement Applications
SAIC ASO $1,592,112 SensorWeb Enablement of RN Search Operations
SAIC ASO $2,898,157 NTD Building Interior Surveillance System (NBISS)
University of Michigan $1.093,338 Low-cost, Large-area, Fine Radiation Detection via Nanosemiconductors

The awards were announced under Board Agency Announcement (BAA) HDTRA1-12-NTD-BAA.

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