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Organic Vaccines Partner with NIH for MERS-CoV Countermeasures

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
MERS coronavirus particles (green) on camel epithelial cells. Credit: NIAID, CSU

Organic Vaccines LLC this week announced it has entered into a commercial evaluation license agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a three-year collaborative agreement with the US National Cancer Institute (NCI), with a principal goal of developing human monoclonal antibody-based techniques targeting the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronovirus (MERS-CoV).

The agreements were locked in July and September 2014, respectively.

“These agreements shall enable Organic Vaccines to complement its strategy against MERS CoV. During our meeting of September 18th at the control and command center of the Ministry of Health in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), we have explained the science and exposed our strategy,” said Patrick Rambaud, President and CEO of Organic Vaccines Plc. Our objective is to be at the earliest in a position to offer a stopgap treatment on a compassionate basis. We have already started complementary studies to meet WHO requirements and submit our dossier.”

Organic Vaccines focuses on the development of preventive and therapeutic vaccines produced using the patient’s own white blood cells. Areas of vaccine development cover children vaccines, flu vaccines and HPV adult vaccines (preventive and therapeutic) as well as the implementation of white blood cell banks.

Source: Organic Vaccines press release, adapted.

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