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Remediation of Chemical Agent Contaminated Sites

Joint Project Manager - Elimination

The Joint Project Manager for Elimination (JPM-E) is evaluating technologies to remediate chemical agent-contaminated soils and debris on site at large chemical weapons burial sites.

The project will consist of three phases. The first phase will be the selection of a technology; phase two will be the award of a contract to test the technology. The third phase will be the execution of the test, which will evaluate technology performance with several parameters to include soils types, agent contamination, and moisture content of the soils.

The objectives of the program are to provide a mature technology which will:

  • Remediate mustard (HD) agent and phosgene- contaminated soils and debris to a contamination level that will allow the release of the product to the general public.
  • Be transportable via rail, roads or sea with no more than seven separate trailer loads to multiple sites.
  • Not interfere with the execution of the schedule or operations of the recovery of buried chemical munitions. The rate of remediation of the soil should not disrupt the excavation schedule.
  • Be a turnkey self-contained operation.

A vendor conference to discuss the effort was held at the Chemical Demilitarization Training Facility (CDTF) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. on March 3.

JPM-E is part of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: W52P1J15R0077.

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