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Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases

BioWatch PCR Biodetection AlternativesThe Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic Events; Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation; and Forum on Microbial Threats co-convened a workshop this spring in Washington, DC.

A new summary of the workshop released this week features discussions on the MCM development process in the face of three types of infectious disease outbreaks and explores the regulatory and operational challenges encountered when rapid response is needed for an already evolving worldwide emergency.

Highlighted sections include:

  • A Wake Up Call: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak Response
  • Preparedness as an Issue of National Security
  • Rapid Development of Ebola Vaccines
  • Influenza Risk Assessment and Pandemic Preparedness
  • Developing MCMs for Coronaviruses

Participants at the workshop also examined potential business models for future public-private partnerships and discussed what level of sustainable funding is needed to meet the demands of emerging threats across the globe.

Read the summary: Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases – Enabling Sustainable Capabilities Through Ongoing Public- and Private-Sector Partnerships.






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