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NAMRU-6 Dengue Collaborative Research

Dengue Fever in Europe

Dengue Fever in EuropeThe Naval Medical Research Unit 6 (NAMRU-6) is seeking sources for a collaborative research effort to continue a study entitled: “Assessment of dengue-induced changes in gene expression profiles in-vivo via ribosome profiling.”

The acquisition requires expertise in molecular biology and researching ribosome biology, carrying out ribosome profiling techniques, and advanced bioinformatics processing of ribosome profiling data.

If other capable sources are not identified by May 4, then NAMRU 6 intends to award a sole source contract to Universidade Da Coruña (UDC). UDC and NAMRU-6 have collaborated since 2013, and the above project requires technical expertise on sample processing methods in order to look at dengue-induced proteome changes.

The contract will have a performance period of 12 months, effective from the date of approval. Companies which believe they can support the requirement must submit capability statements via Solicitation Number: N44852UDC.

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