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In Pictures: Air Force Patient Decontamination Exercise

Ready to Receive a Patient for CBRN DecontaminationU.S. Airmen from the 628th Medical Group recently put their chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear (CBRN) defense skills to the test during a patient decontamination exercise at Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina.

The exercise included three stages: Mission Capable, Set-Up, and Patient Decon. The team had only 15 minutes to prepare their site for patients and 20 minutes to become mission ready.

Patient Decontamination Exercise

Patient Decontamination Exercise

Patient Decontamination Exercise

Protective Suit Donning for Patient Decontamination Operations

Personal Protective Gear During Patient Decontamination Ops

Setting Up Patient Decontamination Staging Area

USAF Personnel Prep Staging Area for Patient Decontamination Ops

USAF Personnel Train for Patient Decontamination Operations

Preparing to Transport a Patient for CBRN Decontamination

Images adapted from video by Brian Gratz, USAF.

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