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Fundamental Research to Counter WMD – White Papers Due 1 Feb

BAA Broad Agency Announcements

BAA Broad Agency AnnouncementsThe Defense Threat Reduction Agency recently updated its Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) supporting Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Issued in March 2015, the BAA is effective through 2024 or until superseded with multiple white paper submission windows. Updates to research funding topics of interest and windows for white paper submissions are issued through Amendments.

The latest Amendment includes the following Basic Research Topics G1-G19:

  • G1: Early Time Signatures of a Nuclear Attack
  • G2: Energy-Efficient Physical and Algorithmic Methods for Detection, Localization, and Isotope Identification
  • G3: Robust Organic Scintillators and Algorithms to Advance Autonomous RN Search
  • G4: Behavior Regime Analysis and Model Order Reduction (MOR) for Nuclear Weapons Effects (NWE)
  • G5: Formation, Evolution, and Conductivity of X-Ray Generated Warm Dense Plasma
  • G6: Modeling Infectious Disease Kinetics and the Host Immune Response
  • G7: Radiation Effects in 3D and Vertically Integrated Microelectronics
  • G8: Dynamic Characterization of Shock Induced Fragmentation and Reactions Involving Reactive Materials upon Impact
  • G9: Evaluating High Strain Rate Mechanical Response and Chemical Reactivity of Energetic/Reactive Composite Materials Produced via Additive Manufacturing
  • G10: Noble Gas Biodetection
  • G11: Critical Requirements for Effective Single-Dose Vaccines
  • G12: Discovery of Novel Methods to Ameliorate the Effects of Nerve Agent Exposure
  • G13: Environmental Factors and the Viable but Non-Culturable State of Francisella tularensis
  • G14: Generating Cross-Reactive Antibodies Following Single-Dose Vaccination
  • G15: Non-Invasive Cell-Free Nucleic Acid for Companion Diagnostics (NICNAC)
  • G16: Novel Technologies to Target Encephalitic Alphavirus Infections
  • G17: Organophosphate Poisoning—Novel Detoxifying Mechanisms in Animal Systems
  • G18: Photonic Transducers for Chemical Threat Sensing
  • G19: Robust and Efficient Catalytic Systems for Degradation of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents

Topics G1-G19 are interested in research projects that span from those that focus on exploratory aspects of a unique problem or a high-risk approach to those that involve a comprehensive program with interdisciplinary areas. Consistent across all proposals should be the focus on innovative research with the potential for high impact to C-WMD science.

DTRA anticipates that the predominance of awards made under Topics G1-G19 will be grants. The pre-application white paper deadline for these topics is 1 February 2017. Further details are available via Solicitation Number: HDTRA1-14-24-FRCWMD-BAA.

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