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DoD Seeks Partners for Chemical Biological Operational Analysis Improvements

Background photo by Jessica Tait, edited.

The U.S. Army is conducting market research on partnering to accelerate the development of technologies that will enable personnel to assess, protect and mitigate chemical and biological threats.

This Request for Information is intended to identify developmental technologies that are interested in being part of a scenario-based Chemical Biological Operational Analysis (CBOA) event. The CBOA, funded by The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Research and Development-Chemical and Biological Warfighter Integration Division (RD-CBW), supports vulnerability and system limitation analysis of emerging capabilities in contested environments in an operationally relevant venue.

When maneuver commanders are challenged with the effects of CB threats, they must make informed, risk-based decisions to ensure survivability, retain freedom-of-action and accomplish the mission. The key to awareness and understanding is identifying what information is required for an informed risk-based decision.

DTRA RD-CBW, in collaboration with the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and the US Army Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear School (USACBRNS), will assess capabilities designed to address the following CB mission objectives:

  • Assess – Integrated Threat Awareness, Information Systems Capability Development, and Decision Analysis and Management
  • Protect – All-Hazards (Respiratory, Ocular, & Percutaneous), Individual (includes delivery and applications for role 1 medical care) and Collective, Integrated Equipment & Physiological Protection
  • Mitigate– Personnel and Materiel Decontamination, and Tactical Decontamination

The key milestones for CBOA 2018 Technology Selection are tentatively set for the following dates:

  • 20 June 2018: Technology submissions deadline
  • 11-12 July 2018: Technology submissions reviewed for possible inclusion in CBOA
  • 16-20 July 2018: Technology selections released
  • 10-14 September 2018: Execution of event

Additional requirements are detailed under Solicitation Number: W911NF-18-R-0000.

Editor’s note: The deadline for this opportunity has passed.


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