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DHS Awards $75.2M BioWatch Contract to PAE

PAE has secured a contract worth up to $75.2 million with the Department of Homeland Security, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, BioWatch Program, the company announced today.

BioWatch was created in the wake of post 9/11 anthrax threats. From dozens of locations, BioWatch runs the nation’s network of air sensors designed to identify and locate potential pathogens released into the air and alert federal authorities. In addition to screening major cities, BioWatch also monitors major public events such as the Super Bowl.

John Heller, PAE Chief Executive Officer, said the contract win builds on the company’s growing counter-WMD threat specialists.

“This new opportunity stems from our growing base of experts specializing in counter-WMD and CBRNE solutions,” Heller said. “We’re proud that we can meet the needs of the U.S. government as it works to ensure the safety of us all.”

PAE-led scientists will work in state-of-the-art labs supporting monitoring systems that are the frontline early warning system against possible airborne attacks.

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