Thursday, February 20, 2020
News on Pathogens and Preparedness

Global Biodefense Magazine

Insights on Pathogens and Preparedness

for Public Health Emergencies


  • Rapid Diagnostic Development Efforts
  • Worldwide Quarantine Measures
  • Hospitals Face Equipment Shortages
  • Screening Existing Drugs for Use as Coronavirus Treatments
  • Therapeutic Cocktail for Sudan Virus

28 JANUARY 2020

  • Risky Pathogen Research Transparency
  • WHO Criticized for Delaying PHEIC Declaration
  • CEPI Funds Multiple Vaccine Candidates for Novel Coronavirus

16 JANUARY 2020

  • DNA Synthesis Risk Reduction
  • Laser Beam Chem-Bio Threat Detection
  • Testing WMD Civil Support Team Suit Decontamination
  • 51 FDA Approved MCMs Backed by BARDA